weight loss with yoga

Best Yoga Aasans to Lose Weight from Yoga

Yoga the best ancient exercise it is been practiced all over the world by the number of people as it helps in weight loss with yoga. Though yoga originated in India, it was few Yoga gurus like Baba Ramdev, who popularized it among the masses in India in the past recent years.

Scientific studies have proved that yoga not only helps in losing weight but also help in reducing stress and increase concentration. Though there are many yoga Institute are running but once you know how to do you can do weight loss with yoga

Yoga is also included in school curriculum so that children are habituated to it right from the beginning as many parents are conscious of kids health and concentration. Doctor’s also advice to do yoga for all age people to make mind stress free as everyone is under some kind of stress.

Yoga specifically aim in long deep breathing which clean internal organ, increases metabolic rate, energies cells making body active and fit by losing weight.

Best yoga Aasans weight los with yoga

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or salutation to the sun a gesture of gratitude towards the sun. One of the most important yoga for weight loss. The aasan of 12 steps covers the whole body by various aasan making overall body toned up. It helps in mental stress relief and also improves other body function. Regular 12 times a day helps in losing weight faster.


Start with a wide-legged stance with a distance upto 2 and half feet. Stretch your arms to the right side from waistline and slowly go facing down with back straight. The left hand should be in straight upward position. Repeat exercise from another side.

Boat Pose

The best exercise for hips, thighs, stomach, and back. Lie down on your back. Now make legs and back in such way it should like V resembling boat pose. Be in this position at least for few seconds. Increase time by practice as it is the best way to burn stomach, thighs and hips fats and reducing weight too.


Stand in the straight position. Now stretch your right leg with knee bending front side, pose appear in mountain pose.Stretch your left leg from back pushing hip downwards, with hand joint and stretching upward direction. These aasan tone thighs, side waist, and hips. It helps in improving blood circulation.


Sit on your feet with knees and calves together. Now come on your knees and slowly place your hands on hips. Then slowly go to your heals from both the hands on both the feet. Stretch your chest and abdomen with face in the upward direction. The whole weight you can feel in your arms. Hold yourself in this position as much as you can.

This Yoga help in loose weight by cutting fats of abdomen, thighs and back the toughest areas. It stimulates the thyroid gland, makes back muscles strong and improves flexibility in of neck and abdomen.


Stand in a straight position. Slowly inhale and slightly bend your knees towards front side and join hands in prayer position stretching upward in the sky making the chair as a chair pose.

This is a difficult aasan as it requires lot of strength to hold but it really helps in losing weight. It is the best exercise for hip, back, knee, chest, and ankle muscles to make them strong.

No doubt yoga helps in losing weight but a balanced diet gives good and quick results. Losing weight from yoga is the easier way. It is a complete package to remain fit. And if you want to walk even when you grow older start yoga in the earlier age. It keeps your skin wrinkle free and makes you look younger for many more years.

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