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Fitness Freak People is the community of fitness freaks whose are very conscious about their fitness. Fitness is the first step to living a happy life. Because without fitness and you can’t give your best performance on the stage of the life…..

That’s why,

“fitness is the first step towards happy life” – Fitness Freak People


You can find tips, guides & plans about Health, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Weight loss & other all related topics… We want that every person will live a healthy & hit life like a legend…….!

On Fitness freak people, every post will be a complete guide with genuine & user-friendly real advice or tips which will help you to be fit or get results which you want.


About Michael Rehal…….!


Michael Rehal About

I’m Michael Rehal the man behinds Fitness Freak People. I am an Engineer by qualification, Fitness Freak by passion and a Fitness Model.

I live in Punjab and born in Punjabi family. I believe in simple living & high thinking. I started my journey before five years as a fitness freak. After a long hard work, i get my body in shape which I want. I used old techniques, find & test some new ways to get my body in shape without heavy hard work. but I successfully achieved my health goals in short time. Now I want to share my knowledge with the world.


I believe that your body is yours. if you will take care of your body then it will reward you by giving you the ability to do anything which you want.


So, don’t waste your time, give time to yourself and live like a legend…….!!!

I’m always here to help, guide & encourage you. Follow me on Social Media to Keep in touch with me…!

  You can mail me on michael@fitnessfreakpeople.com or through Contact Us page form

“Live Fit, Live happy, Live Long”